Client Testimonials

I feel lucky.

Heidi is professional, empathetic and an intuitive healer. I feel so lucky to have her on my healthcare team. 
Customer since February 2021

Heidi is a gift!
Her methods are precise and provide relief. I have had numerous massages by other therapists and she is the best. Thank you, Heidi, for everything you do. It is appreciated. See you soon. 
Customer since March 2018

My First Appt., but not my last!

It was easy to schedule and when I arrived (late) she was so welcoming. I've used massage for managing back pain for many years but I have never had a massage like the one Heidi provided. I had a year of tight muscles and knots for her to work on. In the hour I was with her, she broke through the tightness and I feel she broke through energy blocks as well. She has a gentle touch but it somehow gets deep to release the tightness. How does she do it? I feel AMAZING as a whole if that makes sense!

Customer since Sep 2020


It was so awesome to be able to get back to see Heidi again. I was in such pain from the stress of Covid and working from home without an ergonomically correct workstation. She made all the stiffness go away. She does such a wonderful job of making you feel awesome. I can't say enough about how Heidi makes you feel great and relaxed. I would highly recommend everyone give Heidi a try. Can't wait for my next appointment. Thank you so much, Heidi.

Customer since Jun 2016