Client Testimonials


Heidi = Talent

I've had a lot of body work over the years - it's always a nice experience but not all are created equal. Heidi has a lot of talent - she is intuitive and always finds her way to the right approach and executes it beautifully. There are technicians and then there are healers Heidi is a healer.  February 21, 2014

The Most Relief I've Ever Had In A Massage

I have never had such full body relief in a massage until I started seeing Heidi. She knows the body and instantly finds problem areas and spends the time needed to release the tightness in the muscle. I drive almost an hour to see Heidi for massages and living in Portland I have many options for massages. Thanks for all you do Heidi!  December 13, 2013

Key to the success of my recovery after surgery!

"Amazing doesn't begin to describe Heidi at Blue Owl Body Works. She is thorough in her discussions with me and has a way of intuitively knowing what my body needs. Seeing her on a regular basis has been a key factor to how quickly my knee has healed after surgery. The doctor said most people are still on pain meds and I'm months ahead of schedule. I highly recommend you schedule an appointment today, you won't regret it!"  August 17, 2013

A Wonederful Experience

"I am a runner, and I went to B.O.B. for sports massage. I have had professional massages before; this may have been my best ever. Heidi was focused throughout--and gratifyingly intense--and I think this helped me just...let go. To surrender and let her smooth aching muscles and tensed joints. Afterward, I felt...expanded--and when I moved, as if I were made of silk. And it wasn't only physical--I was also warm, inside, as if full of love. And peaceful, for the rest of the day."  July 24, 2013

First visit: Awesome

"I have fibromyalgia, so chronic pain plus a tendency for muscle spasms. Heidi is a skilled, knowledgeable and talented therapist. She found every knotted muscle and used just enough pressure in just the right spot to get release wiithout causing another spasm. Since the fibro, thi was the first time I've had a massage and not been in pain the next day. I will definitely be going back as often as I can afford it. Fortunately Heidi's rates are lower than a lot of the other LMTs in the area."  May 5, 2013

Marathon training miracle

“I am in week 12 in an 18 week marathon training schedule. My muscles, particiularly my thigh muscles were beyond tight and no matter how much stretching I did helped. I went to see Heidi for a sports massage and was happy with the results. I was amazed however to find that the next day and and the next run were pain free. I have made two more appointments before my marathon and believe that Heidi will help me more than I can have hoped to achieve my goal.” Oct 24, 2012

 Best massage ever!!

“Heidi at Blue Owl Works was recommended to me by a friend. As an Occupational Therapist I am familiar with the benefits of massage therapy and treating an individual holistically. This was the BEST massage I have ever received!!! I have been getting massages for years and Heidi's approach left me feeling relaxed and with an increased awareness of my mind and body connection. I will be making Heidi and her therapeutic technique a normal part of my routine.”  Oct 9, 2012 


“I would recommend Blue Owl Bodyworks to everyone. I went for a massage the day after running a 10k, sore and tired, and left feeling light and refreshed. I think she took days off my recovery time. Heidi is a thoughtful, perceptive professional, and the space is very comfortable and relaxing. Many thumbs up!”  Aug 22, 2012